• Highest security

    Highest security level and use only passcode. No face scans or fingerprints enabled.

  • High transactions

    Supports high transactions up to 30000 per second.

  • Graphs in realtime

    You can see real time market price graphs in realtime. You can do staking by selecting the coins you want to receiv

  • Fast transfer

    Fast transfers between users and other users on blockchain.
    Transfer with users without blockchain immediately.

⦁ No fees for CFPAY application users.

⦁ Exchange with goods agreed between the sender and receivers.

⦁ Increase opportunities and trading channels for business. More than 1 million active CFPAY application users around the world which makes CFPAY application a great channel for advertising your products and services.

⦁ Being functionality with a modern style look. With modern technology that provides the fastest transfers allowing functional use at anywhere, at any time.

⦁ Certifies and provides certificates for members that have done registration and KYC approval.

⦁ Go to

⦁ Choose whether to move to CFPAY service or cancel contract.

⦁ Read the Terms and Conditions thoroughly.

⦁ Press Accept and confirm.

⦁ Wait for email to confirm the transaction.